Rinosol 2 act spray nasale

1. Unblock your nose
2. Protect against
viruses and bacteria

Rinosol 2Act is a product that acts mechanically and not pharmacologically.

It is recommended for nasal mucus congestion and irritation associated with both acute and chronic flus, colds, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

The nose is the only organ for preparing air before it reaches the lower parts of the respiratory system (bronchioles and lungs).

The functions of the nose and lower airways are closely related, in fact, the respiratory system is an integrated system so when something goes wrong in one part it can seriously affect another. This means breathing properly is important for keeping your bronchioles and lungs healthy.

Having a congested nose is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

...what about the throat?
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How it works

Rinosol 2ACT works with a natural active complex of tannins, resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids that interacts with the nasal mucosa. It performs a double action:

  • It clears the nose. It has a fluidifying action on mucus, which promotes its elimination.

  • It has a barrier effect against viruses and bacteria, thanks to the formation of a barrier-acting mucous membrane that protects the mucosa from contact with external sources (viruses, bacteria, smoke, smog, pollen, dust, etc.) and also has an indirect anti-inflammatory effect.

Rinosol 2Act is also enhanced by the refreshing properties of essential oils providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

The isotonic nature of the formula respects mucus’s physiology. The barrier created by its vegetable complex protects the mucus and restores it to its normal state. It does not contain vasoconstrictors or causes nasal mucus to dry up.

Rinosol 2Act can also be taken during pregnancy, when breastfeeding and by children over the age of 8.

Rinosol 2Act can be taken several times throughout the day over extended periods, helping relieve the discomfort caused by nasal congestion.

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Product details

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Active ingredients

A natural complex composed of : tannin from witch hazel leaves, polysaccharide from Aloe Vera gel*, resins from Myrrh resin, flavonoids from green tea leaves* Essential oils from Eucalyptus and Niaouli.

Also contains: water, xanthan gum , vegetable glycerine , polyglyceril – 6 caprylate , polyglyceril – 3 cocoate , polyglyceril – 4 caprylate, polyglyceril – 6 ricinoleate , tocopherol, sunflower oil, potassium sorbate , benzylalcohol.

* Bio – agricultural ingredient

Warnings and precautions

Do not use if hyper – sensitive or allergic to one or more ingredients. If symptoms persist, see a doctor. Store in a dry and well – aired place away from heat sources and direct light. Keep out of the reach of children. The expiry date is only valid if the product is stored properly and unopened.

How to take

Spray 1 or 2 times up each nostril and gently blow your nose before repeating the procedure. To ensure the product is evenly applied, gently massage the outside of the nose from the top downwards. You are advised to take Rinosol 2Act several times throughout the day at short intervals and again before going to bed. You may also decide to wear a nose plaster while using the spray.

To remove any air from the distributor, spray several times outside your nose. Shake the bottle before usage.

The product should be used within 2 months of being opened.


15 ml glass bottle with nebuliser spray.