Treating nasal congestion

The first thing to do is to find out what is causing the problem. That is easily done in the case of a common cold or flu but diagnosing the problem can be harder when the congestion lasts longer. In this case it is vitally important to seek a doctor’s advice and self – medication is probably not the best solution. To relieve the pain caused by nasal congestion , the first thing to do, particularly in winter, is to humidify your premises and flush out your nasal pathways and/or humidify the mucus with hydro – saline solutions. This helps clean the nasal cavity to get rid of any bacteria or other irritants. The high concentrations of salt found in certain solutions can also reduce the swelling of the mucus. If that does not work, medication may be taken. The most common types are : vasoconstrictors, cortisones and antihistamines.